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Neighbor has faster speed quoted but is on the same pole

I live 15 mins from Gatwick, so not exactly rural, but have always struggled with broadband. We have 26 down and 1mbs up. The upload is the main problem as it doesn't allow 2 video calls at the same time and we both work from home. 

Periodically checking our available speed today and accidentally clicked on no.3 instead of no.2 for the address and got a faster speed back in the results. Checked with our neighbor and they get 44 down and 3 up. Significantly better. Quick check outside confirmed what I thought which is there are 4 houses served from one pole and that pole goes straight to underground services. 

I've attached the Openreach results for each UPRN that show the different results. 

Is there anything I can do to persuade Openreach to uprate what is offered to us?uprn 2.pnguprn 1.png

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Re: Neighbor has faster speed quoted but is on the same pole

It could be simply down to line quality but as your connection is within expected range there is nothing openreach/BT will do

Can you post connection stats from hub  if SH2 then hub manager then advanced setting the. Technical log information 

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Re: Neighbor has faster speed quoted but is on the same pole

The predicted speed can be a mathematical estimate or can be based on real world data , but irrespective the actual speed obtained is the maximum speed the line can provide , there is no ‘restriction’ placed on a line to reduce speed so it aligns with the estimate , so if a neighbour, connected in the same fashion, so same ‘telegraph pole’ , same cabinet etc. can get significantly better speed suggests that your line has an issue that could be within Openreach’s area of responsibility, or could be an ‘internal’ issue , such as extension wiring within your home , which isn’t your provider (BT) or Openreach’s responsibility.
If there was an issues, and that were resolved, the speed would improve, which in turn would move the estimate upwards ( assuming your estimate is based on real world data )
If you have an issue that is on the Openreach network but it’s negative impact is relatively small so the line although impacted is still above the minimum guaranteed , then reporting a speed issue may not get the ISP interested in investigating.

The first thing to do ( unless you have already done so ) is eliminate and potential internal issues , by connecting your router , preferably with a ‘new’ filter directly into the master socket test port , this should remove any potential internal issues, Post your advanced router stats , ( while in the master socket test port ) these stats will give an indication if the line has any external issues.
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