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New Customer - Connection and set up question

Hi All,


Been with Virgin fibre for the last 10 years and have now moved to a non Virgin area, after much deliberation I decided toopt for BT Infinity 2 rather than the Sky service.


Just wanted to ask a couple of questions as have my installation tomorrow. ONly moved in a couple of days ago, so not had much of a chance to start drilling holes for CAT5 etc.


For some odd reason BT have decided to deliver the Homehub 5 on the same day as the engineer visit. I have no doubts that the router wont arrive before the engineer Smiley Indifferent


Looking at the forums it seems that the modem will come with the engineer, so kinda hoping to plug my router in to do the initial set up.......... ?


The big question I have is that my master socket is located downstairs , nowhere remotely near a power socket and the only close one is for my burglar alarm. Besides I dont really want it downstairs.


I do have, various telephone extension sockets around the house which the previous owner installed.


One of which sits right next to my computer upstairs. Can this be converted to the master? provided the cables are of suitable quality? I have no reason to suspect they are poor as seem to have been installed by a company rather than an individual. 


Any ideas or suggestions welcome 

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Re: New Customer - Connection and set up question

If you are been sent a HomeHub 5 then you will not require the separate Openreach modem which was originally supplied pre with HomeHub 4 installs as the HH5 has an internal VDSL modem.


As for the location of the router if you have requested an engineer managed install then I'm sure if you voice your concerns when they will do as you ask if the internal wiring is up to standard.

BT Infinity (EASTF) 58.93/15.94 Mbps [IP Profile: 60.8/20 Mbps] using Openreach Modem & Billion BiPAC 7800N

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Re: New Customer - Connection and set up question

Cheers for getting back to me, looks like I may be waiting some time then as according to the order status in my email. The engineer is booked from 8-1 tomorrow and my homehub 5 is being delivered anytime before 6pm?


Odd that if I require the homehub for the install that there is every chance it will not arrive before the engineer!


I already have a traking number from Royal Mail for the Homehub 5.................. think its all going to go pear shaped tomorrow lol

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