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New Infinity (HH6) dropping connection

Following an earlier thread where I asked about speed problems with my newly activated Infinity (which turned ot to be  internal wiring problems), I've had some inside wiring changed by a pro (non BT) telecoms man and I'm now flying along... relatively.


Infinity has been activated for just 6 days and I have read a lot on these forums about the first 10 days being important.


I'm seeing my HH6 dropping and reconnecting to the Internet on average twice a day. It is always a very brief drop to orange and back to blue within about 10 seconds or so. This is not a problem and sometimes I only know it’s happened because I check the hub's status/log. Is it normal for these disconnects to keep happening during the first 10 days and will they eventually stop? Or is this a sign of a problem which is likely to persist in the long term?


Also, I was warned in a thread not to keep resetting the hub as BT may see this as a line fault and lower the speed. Is a short disconnect/reconnect regarded as a "reset" or does reset literally mean switching the hub off and on / rebooting it via the button the back? Will BT see these reconnects and assume there is a fault?


I previously had ADSL on the same line and only ever saw a drop/reconnect two or three times per year.

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Re: New Infinity (HH6) dropping connection

any drop in your internet connection is a reset whether hub is switched off or not


I wouldn't expect the hub to be constantly dropping connection twice a day.  check your phone line - dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone


post stats from your hh6  advanced settings then technical log admin

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