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New build broadband issue

Hi, hope someone can give me some advice please.

My son is buying a new build house and has been told that in regards to the broadband, he will have to use their own fibre nest broadband. He has BT fibre at present but his contract does not expire until next summer. He is however looking into this further as the site the house is being built on is a few years old so there are other suppliers on the site, it's just a new development that's he's purchasing on the site.

Any advice greatly received. TIA

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Re: New build broadband issue

It could be that the house builder has an exclusive deal with a broadband supplier and that any person who purchases a house on the development has to use that supplier. He will need to check with the house builder to see if that is the case.

If it is the case he will have no option regarding broadband supplier other than not to buy the house. If it is not the case he should be able to do a "House Move" and move his BT contract to the new house.

Moving Home with BT | Moving Broadband to a New Home | BT

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Re: New build broadband issue

It’s possible that older parts of the same development have Openreach , because the developers at that time where  using OR , but at some point they decided to ditch Openreach and go with another network provider and effectively lock out OR, the roads and paths on development are private property until the local authorities adopt then, so the developer can do whatever they want with their site.

As far as early termination charges are concerned , if moving into a property where BT , ( because Openreach were denied access by the developer) cannot offer service , anecdotally it seems sometimes ETC is waived.


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