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New build no Fibre yet on same cab as old house around corner that did

Hello, we moved into a new build home about .5 mile from our old house on 1st December 2015.  The old house connected to a cabinet box that is half way between the old and new house, this was a new infinty/fibre cabinet. After a long period of time we eventually got a landline and got standard broadband delivered at the new house. At the old house we had full infinty BB for a good few years.


Now its been over 8 months we still arent on any plan to get fibre broadband. The whole estate complex is like this.


There is a new cab at the enterance to the estate and apparently the issue with getting the original landline delivered at the start of the year was due to connecting the new cab at estate enterance onto the old cab along the road (the one my old house connected to) this was resolved back in Febraury.


Id have assumed they would have had something sorted by now to get fibre to this new development.


Can my house connect to my cab via copper, daisy chain to the second cab via copper and from there work with infinity. Ive updated all the online systems with my registration details but doesnt look like its on any plan to resolve anytime soon.

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Re: New build no Fibre yet on same cab as old house around corner that did

What cabinet number and exchange are you now connected to? You can find out by putting your number into here

What cabinet number were you previously connected to?
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Re: New build no Fibre yet on same cab as old house around corner that did

Telephone Number 0166571####6 on Exchange AMBLE is served by Cabinet 13


My old postcode - NE65 0NS when i use that i get the message " Postcode only checks will not return any result for fibre services (FTTP, FTTC:VDSL and"


So that doesnt tell me the cabinet number i was on.



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