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New customer Problems with landline and bB


 Is it normal to have problems with BT?

I took Full Fibre 100 to get the 30Mb/s upload speed.

Every day the upload speed drops to 20.5Mb/s. When this first happened I did the Smart Hub 2 reboot - rebooted the ONS modem  -then  power cycled them both all of which had no effect.

The only way to get the upload speed back is to  do a Smart Hub2 factory reset.

BT won't even look at this  as the upstream is above 10Mb/s so, in their opinion, there isn't a fault or a problem.

Having to do a reset and reconfigure the Smart Hub every day is a problem.

To add insult to injury my landline, which was fine for the first ten days, now informs all incoming callers that the line is not in use. As most of my contacts are via the landline this is more than a little inconvenient and I don't know how many calls I've missed, some of which could be important.  On reporting the fault today - 26/05 - I'm told it might be looked at by 31/05

Is all this normal with BT  ?


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