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Re: New customer - major disappointment

Let us know how it goes.


Ask the engineer to reset DLM for you as well. It will start the training all over again but if everything's OK you shouldn't have a problem.

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Re: New customer - major disappointment

An extremely pleasant and knowledgable engineer by the name of Ben visited me this morning.

He changed us onto another cable which has no extra (or noisy) joints, switched off interleaving, tidied up the wiring at the main box, did some block work at the street mini box, used the correct screws on the extension faceplate and left us with a stable 50 / 10 line.

We're 500m of copper away from the fttc cab so 50 down is a good result.

He reset the DLM and has suggested that we leave well alone for at least the next three days.


This is what we have now from HH5;


1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+068343+NQ41633086
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 12/07/14
4. Board version:BT Hub 5A
5. VDSL uptime:0 days, 01:28:46
6. Data rate:13266 / 52069
7. Maximum data rate:13244 / 52190
8. Noise margin:6.3 / 6.0
9. Line attenuation:0.0 / 20.4
10. Signal attenuation:0.0 / 18.6
11. Data sent/received:2.6 GB / 2.2 GB


I've asked him to raise a complaint on my behalf regarding the install contractor.


I fail to see the logic of using contractors to do a half assed job of the installation of a flagship service - perhaps one of the bt mods would care to comment?


For now, I'm content and I thank all the contributors and mods for their input. I'll hold off the 'solved' tick just for now as I'm sure you'll all understand.


Thanks again!



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Re: New customer - major disappointment

This is one of the problems because of the high level of demand. I think Openreach have sub-contracted the work just to get it done, and are prepared to accept lower-quality installations assuming they can fix them when and IF they are reported.

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Re: New customer - major disappointment

I agree with Ray there.  It would be interesting to know how many people have a totally substandard install, but don't realize it and so don't complain. ... I don't think we ever will know though.

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