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New infinity connection not working.

So I had the openreach engineer round yesterday to upgrade me to infinty. When he finished installing the kit he speed checked the line and got me to test the phone and broadband was working and everything was fine.

Within 15 minutes of him leaving I could no longer load any web pages. All 3 lights are lit on the openreach modem and all 3 lights are lit on the homehub. I phoned BT and the guy told me it would activate at midnight via an automated process (never heard of this in all my years of having adsl?). Not being happy with the response I phoned again and spoke to another guy. This time I was told it would take 3 days for my line to stabilise. I asked if it was normal that all the lights are lit on my modems but I cant browse the internet but again he said I have to wait for the line to stabalize.

Now I understand that my speed may be unstable for a few days and I can accept that but clearly it is not correct that my modem is showing as connected but I cannot use the internet at all?

I would say I either have faulty equipment or there is a fault on the line as it was clearly working when the engineer left but the guys on the helpline keep fobbing me off saying it needs to stabalise. I am fearing I am going to be stuck for at least 3 days with no connection when this fault has nothing to do with my speed stabalising!

I have tried restarting the modems several times but each time the lights come on but I still cant get a connection.

Can anyone please advise as I feel I am not being told the truth.

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Re: New infinity connection not working.

are you using a wired or wireless connection if wireless have you entered the correct wireless code into your PC
try not to reset the white  Openreach  modem as it will be seen as a line fault and it will reduce your potential maximum speed

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