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No Improvement in Broadband - Unlike Neighbours.

Can someone please help, I am trying to find a help department that actually helps, a right minded manager in a position to help or someone to tell me how to find a manager who listens.

I live in a small community, little more than a handful of houses. We live down a hard-core single carriage track just a few hundred metres from the main road. We are all supplied by the same overhead copper cable.

Recently I heard that my neighbours had got a significant improvement in broadband, from the current 3 to in excess of 30! Most simply got this improved service without changing contract.

There are two open reach cabinets which supply our little community, cabinets 5 and 17. Wiring going the longer route passes through the other cabinet.

To get this improvement I phoned BT and ultimately committed to a new contract. Any right minded person would accept that I wouldn’t do this unless I was getting something better, or obviously it wouldn’t be necessary. 

As I am now in my 70s, live alone, have had a heart attack and live on opioids for constant back pain it was very difficult for me to spend an evening  moving around the house running tests that the BT  website asked for. It kept promising results of speed tests but never gave any.

After this I phoned BT who eventually told me there was a fault. An engineer called me early morning, but I was still a bit groggy (having struggled with pain overnight)so he suggested I called him back later when I had chance to review what speed I was getting.

BT are now preventing me contacting him and are hiding behind contract wording, yet the solution is very simple!

I need to be supplied from cabinet 17, like my neighbours, not the current cabinet 5.

Simply put, why is the new contract required if there is no improvement. The solution to giving me the same as my neighbours is a simple switch of cabinet. I can’t understand why BT are being so bloody minded about it.

I see a lot of angry remarks about BT service. I have never believed that anybody goes to work to deliberately do a bad job. The only thing that the people I contacted seem to care about is to pass me on to someone else who knows nothing about my situation. On each occasion I went to the back of the queue and the repetitive nature of their security questions is very annoying.

Prior to this I received 3, and that is what I now receive! Neighbours are getting better than 30, and this is entirely due to being routed through cabinet 17.

All I need is a manager, presumably Open Reach instructed by BT, to make this simple change, which has been proven to work by neighbours- and I will be a happy customer. Of course help could come from elsewhere within BT; I would appreciate any apperopriate contact details.

I thank you in anticipation of your help.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: No Improvement in Broadband - Unlike Neighbours.

can you enter your phone number and post results  remove number but leave exchange and cab number

can you post connection stats from your hub

try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent apart from announcement and best with corded phone

openreach will not change your cabinet just to improve your broadband conenction and this has been covered many times on the forum     any ISP including BT Retail cannot tell openreach to move your connection from one cabinet to another

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Re: No Improvement in Broadband - Unlike Neighbours.

Hi @drogerb ,

Have you have a chance to try the steps as suggested by @imjolly ?

If you can post back that information, it will give us a good indication of how you connection is performing and what speeds your line is expected to achieve.



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