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No Master Socket??

I have a question concerning the requirements for my impending Infinity install, and what the attending engineer can reasonably be expected to undertake.


Fundamentally I don’t believe I have a master socket installed within my house. My property is reasonably old (circa 100 years). The line from the pole enters above the front door and immediately enters into an old looking junction box\connection box. There is no socket on the box, simply a wire in and one wire out. As per image:


The exiting wire extends to a socket in the downstairs hallway. From which a further extension runs upstairs.


Neither of these two sockets have a two piece face panel similar to the NTE type sockets. When removing the faceplate, the internals look like normal\bog standard extension sockets – no test socket or capacitors can be seen within.


I understand a master socket is required for Infinity (and should probably be there as a matter of course). What is the best means of identify whether the first socket from the junction box is a Master socket? If it’s not, will the Infinity Engineer simply install a new Master Socket as part of the infinity install?

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Re: No Master Socket??

the first socket in your home after the phone wires enter from outside is normally the master and need not be an NTE5 socket.. the engineer will replace existing socket with a SSFP for your infinity

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Re: No Master Socket??

I have the same set-up in my house and had the same qustion: they left the old junction box in place and used an available socket for Infiinity.

Mostly works fine in terms of speed and connectivity but I do have a long-standing intermittent connectivity problem that is probably peculiar to our house..

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Re: No Master Socket??

That junction box dates back to the 1950's and if nothing has been touched since then, the cable will be similarly dated when Infinity wasn't even thought of. I would guess that the incoming line probably looks like grey bell wire. To get the best out of your connection, the incoming line would need to be replaced all the way upto the master socket (ie the first socket on the line).

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