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No broadband options available?

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get broadband to my new flat. I couldn't check availability on website so I called and I was told there's no fibre to my flat and it's up to OpenReach to install it. I contacted OpenReach and they are saying that they have my adress sorted but it is on their silver list and only broadband provider can send something called ORDI request to move the adress to gold list and then I will get broadband options. Then I called BT and they said that they don't send ORDI requests any more and my only option is to install landline for £70+12/month and then I will high likely be moved to gold list but no guarantee. Is that really necessity to pay for a landline which I will never use just to have broadband?

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Re: No broadband options available?

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Welcome to this user forum. @dan12 

A landline is needed to carry the broadband, which is why you need a phone line installed and working first.

Whichever service provider you use to provide the landline, will arrange for the Openreach database to be updated. Then once your phone line is working, you can then order broadband.

The cost of the line rental is included in the cost of the broadband.


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