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No what happened? (not that I'm complaining)

So, ever since I switched to Fast Broadband (average 36Mbps) it never happened. We started at 30Mbps/ish then it dropped and kept on dropping until we got to 13Mbps and I complained via Twitter. That got me a correct response whereby we had a visit from an engineer who found the problem and did an excellent, succinct job and we were back upto 30Mbps. Then we were literally cut-off (Magenta-flashing router and man sat at the base of the telegraph pole). I approached the man who apologised and reconnected us. Then we were back to the speeds dropping again. I was about to go through the complaints again when, BINGO!!! we shot up to 40 Mbps and over the past couple of days and many reboots to the network(not router) it's been consistent. So my question is "What has changed?" and "Is this temporary or will it revert back?" I need to know. How do I find out?

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