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Not reaching minimum guaranteed speed.

I've been having problems with my internet connection dropping out, both WiFi and Ethernet even though the Router lights stayed a steady Blue (HomeHub 5). The message on my devices was "Connected to network, No Internet" I reported the fault and received a very positive response and a new router (HomeHub 6) was sent out the same day. The adviser on the phone suggested there was also a network error affecting speed and arranged for an Open Reach engineer to call which he has done today. He found no faults but updated my wall socket anyway.

The new router seems to have stopped the internet signal dropping off completely which I'm very happy about but I was never really aware that I was not getting minimum speed. I do take part in online gaming (Sim Racing) so regularly check the speed and it has seemed perfectly adequate at between 28 and 29 Mb/s.

The telephone adviser said I should be getting a between of 36 and 55 Mb/s even though I was only getting 29 Mb/s maximum. The Open Reach engineer said that the speed exiting the cabinet was 55 Mb/s and due to the length of the copper cable from the cabinet the absolute theoretical maximum at my home was only 37 Mb/s. He showed me the read out on his tablet to confirm this. As we can all agree that I'm never going to reach the theoretical maximum how can BT guarantee a minimum 36 Mb/s? Is my connection being throttled somehow between the cabinet and Exchange?

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Re: Not reaching minimum guaranteed speed.

You're given an estimated speed and a guaranteed speed, if BT are not providing you with the guaranteed minimum, you have to give them 30 days to get the speed back to the guarantee, if they don't you'll be given £20 and allowed to exit your broadband contract penalty free.

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Re: Not reaching minimum guaranteed speed.

I've also found this too, been with BT for ages and contract ran out ........... no change in speed for 18 months or so , signed up again for the same speed deal . and its slower !

Explain that ?

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