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Odd looking speed figures


Since my line was migrated to a nearer cabinet, I have seen my download speeds go from 7.7Mb to around 28Mb.  As a 3.5X speed increase this is great.  

The problem:
I have only seen my upload speed increase from 1.3 Mb to 1.9Mb, far less than expected when I signed up.  I understand that the upload speed is not guaranteed, but as I need this to be decent on the up-side as well, this part of the service is borderline unusable.
The DSL checker gives my speeds as:
DSL 8 Sep.png
So while my download speed is higher than the best VDSL A figure, my upload is struggling to scrape an impacted low value.  I would hope that based on the achieved download speed, I'd see a real upload in excess of 4Mb.
My HH6 reports:
HHub 8 Sep.png
And oddly the BT performance checker gives the following for an upload vets of values:
Speed text 8 Sep.png
Note:  It may be coincidental but I struggled to maintain a stable connection through the first 3 weeks.  The DSL would re-set every day or two.  My download speeds crept up to in excess of 30 Mb, but my upload bounced around, never over 2 Mb but as low as 0.2Mb at one point.  
Also, when the VDSL re-connects to the cabinet (flashing orange-> blue light), there is a loud modem ’screach’ if using the phone (which stops when the connection is complete).  I’m not sure if this is usual, but I have had an OR line engineer test the line and all was apparently normal.  I am using a mark 4 VDSL filter socket (and a new socket / filter provided as part of the OR visit).   There is no other internal wiring linked to the BT master.
Any thoughts on why the hub speeds don’t match the BT performance checker?  Also why the line seems more than capable of exceeding the download speed, but incapable of reaching the lowest upload.  Can anything be done to improve this?
Many thanks.


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Re: Odd looking speed figures

You should not hear any noise at all on the phone, provided its directly plugged into the "phone" outlet on the VDSL faceplate.

As for the poor upload speed, that would depend on the characteristics of your line, but its quite close to what was estimated on the checker.

If you look at the VDSL frequency allocation, you can see that because you are a long distance from the cabinet, its very likely that the large upload frequency allocation of 8.5MHz to 12MHz is being lost or badly attenuated, so you would be missing quite a large bit, hence the poor upload speed.

There is nothing you can do about this.

adsl vdsl spectrum.jpg

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