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One engineer, or two needed?

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My broadband has been gradually getting slower, dropping at least once a day and there is now lots of noise on the line when I make calls. So I arranged an engineer visit (based on the noise on line issue) and the appointment is taking place next week.

But... I woke up this morning to an email from BT titled "A message about your BT Broadband speed", which explained that "We have noticed that your broadband is not performing as well as it should be, so you might experience problems browsing online or watching TV services.
Don't worry, our expert engineers are on hand to help and you won't be charged anything for a visit."

I checked on the My BT site and I now have two faults raised. My original one raised about the line noise, and a second presumably raised by BT about the Broadband. 

Do I need to arrange a second engineer to come round specifically for the broadband, or will the engineer for my original appointment for the line noise solve both problems? 


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Re: One engineer, or two needed?

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solving your line noise problem should solve your broadband connection problems

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Re: One engineer, or two needed?

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Thanks @imjolly 

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