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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

Contacted the mods. Hopefully they can help before I get completly furious, send a complaint to the CEO and rip the phone line out of my house.

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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

Same here. I waited 6 weeks for the appointment, have taken a day off and the engineer did not show up. The next appointment is in 5 weeks. It means that I have no internet for almost 3 months. If the engineer shows up.


This monopoly system has clearly failed.



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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

how long did you all wait from the moment you placed your order? I placed an order on the 28th Sept and was given 12th October, thought that was okay since its about 2 weeks. But today it changed to the 22 October...

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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

The worse thing about all this is that they think we're all bums and don't work!

We should be able to charge them by law for changing our working schedules for cancelled appointments - just like they do us.


I placed an order on 30th Aug.  Its taken them two weeks to change my phone from sky to BT.  BB install was supposed to be tomorrow (3weeks later!!!!).  They didn't even have the courtesy to ring me or let me know that the appointment has been cancelled - I only noticed off chance by logging into my account that the date for BB had changed!


Reading this thread has got me worried.  If they don't turn up - I'm going to cancel it all.  Interesting thing was the 'jeffrey' on the phone was insisting I couldn't cancel my telephone line IF I decided to cancel broadband due to their own incompetence as they had 'provided me that service already'.  I pointed out I clearly ordered a BB AND Phone service - not half of this or half of that, and if need be a legal battle may ensue.  I was assured an engineer would be out next week and that they'd send me a BT broadband dongle to minimise internet disruption AND they'd refund me a months line rental.


LOL - The broadband dongle arrived and it fails to register on the BT website so is completely useless.  In the meantime I've been billed a months line rental (so much for the refund eh!) - oh and I ordered full unlimited telephone - I've noticed I've been put on unlimited AFTER 7PM so am currently being charged for calls made during the day by family too!


I honestly don't know how an organisation can make so many screw ups - I've got a feeling I'm going to regret this move to BT........

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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

contact the mods they seem to have a brain between em 😉 more then the call centres lol
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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

I had an engineer no show last Friday. Still not sorted out as BT claimed they cancelled the order and I should reorder. But now I can't reorder as the website says I have an open order and also it now says BT infinity is not available in my area despite them routing a fibre cable and fitting an Openreach box to the side of my house 2 weeks ago. To really rub it in they upped my direct debit and took an extra £20 this month for a service I don't have.

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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

How do we contact the mods? Everytime I call the helpline I get put through to india and them guys are absolutely useless.

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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment


Hi  Zoomee


I am sorry to see you are having problems with your BT Service


I suggest you contact the forum mods they should be able to get this problem sorted for you this is a link to them


They normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 3 working days they will take personal ownership of your problem until resolved and will keep you informed of progress


They are a UK based BT specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved


This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators


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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

Hi all,

The same has just happened to me today. I had an appointment today from 1pm-6pm and i had to take annual leave to stay at home waiting (after receiving the call to my mobile 3 days before threatening of additional charges if i was not at home).


At 6:05 PM there was no sign of the engineer. No buzzer ring, no mobile or landline call, not even a note on the door saying they were here.


When i called O2 (my to-be broadband provider) they contacted openreach and openreach says they were at my address at 5:57PM, rang my buzzer and there was no answer. All lies.


First, my buzzer was working corretcly (went downstairs to double check).

Second, Openreach has my mobile number and they didn't call me.

Third, when you are receiving a package and it cannot be delivered couriers always leave a note, doesn't openreach leave a note? (there was no note at my door).


My question is, how can these people prove that they were there?

I think they they can't, it will be their word against mine and i am not a big corporation, i am just a consumer who has been living with no internet for 2 months now (and counting, by the look of it).


My simpathies for all people who is in my situation, i hope we all sort this problems out soon. I will most likely take this to Ofcom, see if they can help.




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Re: Openreach not turned up for appointment

Same hear, I had two no shows despite them on both occasions having the cheek to insist that they would not contact me before hand so I would have to take an entire shift of work (which is 3 minuets walk away!).


But the plot thickens as after on the evening after my second no show I contacted my ‘internet provider’ (Home Telicom) and cancelled the ‘service’ someone then turned up the next day when I wasn’t in and fixed some of the wires outside the property (I only know this now because there were painters around that day). More than a week later someone from the internet ‘provider’ contacts me to say they will now not accept the cancelation and that I have a working line so will sue me if I don’t pay for the contract in full.

Anyone got any advice on this? They clearly want to recoup the losses for the botched job but are to afraid to challenge Openreach about the non-shows so are turning on the wronged customer instead.

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