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Optical keeps dropping out

Good Morning,

Over the last 16 hours the Optical light on my ONT keeps going Red and my broadband drops out. Power cycling the ONT fixes the issue but it keeps happening. It tried using the online chat but 'We don't deal with FTTP'!!! And I have been waiting over15 minutes for someone to answer my call. My wife and I rely on our broadband as we are working from home.....

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Re: Optical keeps dropping out


Welcome to this user forum.

That is possibly due to the optical power level dropping too low, or it could be a faulty ONT, or even a bend in the fibre somewhere.

All you can do is to call the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787 and see if they have any way to check. They will probably have to pass it out to Openreach, so a power level measurement can be taken at the ONT.

If you have BT Halo, and the problem cannot be fixed right away, you can ask BT to sent a 4G mini hub for backup.

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Re: Optical keeps dropping out


I am on to them now.  I have one of the  4G boxes but it is next to useless as we don't get a good enough signal in the house.

40 minutes waiting for the call to be answered after wasting over an hour on another number.......