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Orange Light Broadband and Phone line not working



I been with BT infinity for nearly 3 months now and today well last night 12:30am it went off. Orange light in broadband. I left it alone but in the morning it still like that.


Restarted everything no luckl. I phone up the BT helpline using my mobile because for some reason the house phone line not working aswell. It was very noisy and loud nearly hurt my ears.


Anyway I BT dude said something wrong with phone line/broadband. It open a fault request now. I think someone is coming up 2moz I dont know but on the screen it says "BT will take around 3 days to fix this"


Anyway anyone has this before? Im gutting! NO internet for least 3 days now 😞


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Re: Orange Light Broadband and Phone line not working


have you proved that the fault is not in your premises?


If not you will need to try a known working phone in the test point of your main telephone socket shown here.NTE 5 Backplate.jpg


If you don't get dial tone when plugged in here the fault is external to your premises, if you do get dialtone the fault is within your premises.

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