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Re: Orange Lights and Resets

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After several weeks of continual resetting and having the line tested all OK, so must be internal fault or the HH5, a pleasant person from India did a load more test and found a line fault..

Turned out to be a cable fault in the network, so system back up and been stable for 4 days, and even the speed is starting to pick back up. 

Was originally 51Mg now back up to 45Mg from the 30 somnething it dropped to.


Faith restored, but just wish it was easier to convince these people that it is not a fault in my wiring, which is directly off a Mk3 NTE front, but perhaps something to do with BT.



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Re: Orange Lights and Resets

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Glad it's sorted for you.  I'd agree on the customer experience you have had.


The standard support experience seems to me to have been made for scripted responses that will mostly fix issues with customers wiring or user stupidity ONLY.  If your fault falls outside of this, you still have to navigate the advisors script first and even then, you will have a very unproductive experience moving forward.


Personally, I wish I'd found this forum before I'd wasted 2-3 weeks on the standard support first.

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