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Ordering a Smart Hub 1, How difficult can it be?

The answer is ridiculously so!

I've had a Home Hub 5 for 5 +years that in April kept dropping WiFi and 5ghz wouldn't work at all. Raised a fault and was told a new HH5 would be sent out.

I waited and nothing arrived, but due to Covid 19 I thought there might be a backlog. However went online and checked status of fault and it said resolved. Well obviously not as I had not received HH5. 

I emailed a complaint which was answered after approx 4 weeks, and a Smart Hub 1 was ordered, however a Smart Hub 2 arrived. Which as 2.4ghz & 5ghz can't be split means a lot of faffing around getting some of my smart devices to connect. 

Follow up call from BT said it should have been a Smart Hub 1, so another was ordered and lo and behold another SH2 arrives. 

Next follow up call a HH5 is ordered, which arrives but 5ghz not working. 

Next call from BT we'll order a SH1 a different way and guess what arrived today, yep a SH2. 

I'm out of contract at the end of this month and have spoken to retention about a better deal but this has now become a farce and I wonder if I should go elsewhere. 

I'll say it again, how difficult can it be? 


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