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Outage at Leydene Park - GU32

We went on Fibre in Feb 2020 and all has been going well up until 11 Nov 2020. Red LOS on incoming box so got on the phone. 20 mins waiting to be told there is no problem in our area. 2 Day response time best they could offer.

Chatted with neighbours and all of us had the same issue. All had made similar calls and wasted hours on phone. 

On 13/11 still no update so back on the phone for over an hour. Great guy at BT (Victor) but still no resolution. Mini hub arrived on 14/11, working sporadically and not good enough for work needs but some access at least.  

Wind the clock forward and after 4 Openreach Engineer visits to various neighbours which were all curtailled before they arrived as they said the problem was external. Now 18/11 , one week on. No update from BT or Openreach and neighbour tells me that Openreach have stated they have not got a fibre expert available to resolve issue.

How long will this go on!!!   

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