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PPP LCP Send Termination Request (User request)

HI all, 

im getting this issue every 2 days the internet drops. The hub shows PPP LCP Send Termination Request (User request) . I have had numerous Openreach engineers to my line. They have replaced cables switched us over to another line the list is endless. 

I have got 1ft of cable coming into the house with no extensions. The last engineer said the line is perfect all the way to the cabinet. I'm using the latest home hub 2. There seems to be a high number of people with the same problem. 

My family live in the same village and are nearly the same distance from the cabinet as me and they have no issues.


one open reach engineer did say that the lines here are very poor and why am i not connected to the fibre that's been here since 2019. I checked several times and Fibre to the house is not available. 

I would like someone from BT to look into this issue please and get it sorted as its getting annoying now, not to mention costing money waiting for openreach.


Thanks Screenshot (11).pngScreenshot (10).png

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Re: PPP LCP Send Termination Request (User request)

I just noticed we had a power cut this morning at 5AM so that may have upset the connection.
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