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Re: Packet Loss

@pgregg wrote:

OP's screenshot does demonstrate a 3% packet loss.


Yes it does, I never said it didn't. The packet loss starts to occur once he hits the Linx gateway routers surprise, surprise) as frequently happens there. They do normally get it sorted pretty quick but the Linx routers are not owned or maintained by either BT or Openreach.


The OP's concern though was "Seem to be getting a lot of packet loss from"


How would you have replied, keeping it simple as I always try to do as I never presume posters with porblems are tech savvy.


BTW I know about traceroutes in unix as I also use Linux besides windows but the majority of users here are on the windows platform. Thanks for the education though.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Packet Loss

Hi all


Just wondering if the OP found a solution to this problem.

Since yesterday, I have the same issue. Seemingly, there's a large packet loss on and .176 - according to pingplotter display:


The 50% loss on IP 246.225 cleared itself after a while. Then a different IP took over.


The end result for me is that I can access some sites but not others or a site might be avaibale one minute, but not the next, e.g. sometimes loads and sometimes doesn't. Plus, everything has slowed down, even though a speed test gives me 74Mbps. The internet is close to being inaccessible for me.


Chrome browser displays:




Another symptom is that my mail client on local somethimes can't connect.


I had a similar problem with packet loss when I first joined BT - it took 4 months to completely rectify, although, in fairness,  they did refund me for 3 months. I hope this current issue isn't the same.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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