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Periodic spikes and network drops

Hi there,


Firt off my setup:


Line comes in -> BT Home Hub 5 Type A (Software version | Last updated 15/07/17) -> (1) Ethernet out to sonos controller (2) Ethernet out to netgear switch <- All other devices connected to the switch


I have been experiencing issues with my network connection on my home network. Periodically (every 3-20 minutes) I will experience spikes of lag when using VOIP such as discord or teamspeak as well as in game. (Note this is on a wired connection)

On top of this, less frequently however, the network drops completely and the power light turns solid orange with no other indication light showing (e.g. the broadband light).


I have already contacted BT and they have done line tests stating that they are all good and that it is something wrong with our home network.


Couple of things I have tried already:


-Power cycling the router

-Disconnecting my synology box

-Disconnecting my wifi range extenders


Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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