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Persistent disconnects

Hi, I have an ongoing problem with my home hub v3. When playing online games (notably fifa) I get regularly disconnected, I have checked the logs and though they have now cleared the message was something like:


IN: BLOCK [9] Packet invalid in connection

(226085.860000) Device disconnected Playstation 4


This has been ongoing for some time now and affects more than 1 ps4. The lights all stay illuminated and people browsing the web etc don't seem to notice an issue.


I have tried manually forwarding the required ports but there seem to be multiple bugs here too where it refuses to add the correct profile to the device.


I am fairly sure this is an issue with the home hub as a power cycle seems to fix the issue for a longer period of time (varies from a day to a week) but then it ultimately returns and another power cycle is required.


I was contemplating buying a new router to resolve the issue but do not believe I should be required to do this as it seems the one supplied is not fit for purpose.


Please advise.

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Persistent disconnects

Do a search for Fifa, EA game and games on the forum and you will find a number of threads that may be able to give you some information.

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Re: Persistent disconnects

had a similar problem past 2 fridays while on ps3 playing blops 1 modem lights stay on and home hub 3 lights have gone off as tho its restarted itself,, now speed has dropped both  download and upload

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