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Phone line drops, internet drops, now slow speeds

we had a fault a few months ago, our line kept dropping and causing the alarm to go off, internet to drop and line to be constantly engage or sceetching.

We got engineer out with the usual threat of £120, if they did not find anything. I explained that the fault occurs when the wind is strong and it rains. It causes the telegraph pole to sway in the wind, bouncing the cables. the pole now sits at a 20 degree angle, and the engineer was going to refer it to another part of the comany to investigate the pole. 


Nothing has happened since, the weather over the last 2 days, is rain and wind and our line had dropped again and now getting less than 1meg download.


No idea what the next step is, the bt engineer a fault outside our property.

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Re: Phone line drops, internet drops, now slow speeds

you can only wait for Openreach to visit and deal with the pole problem it is not a BT problem
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