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Ping Spikes/Packet Loss with BT HomeHub5

Hi there,


I'm on a wired connection to a BTHH5. Been noticing high ping spikes in online gaming for a while, wondered if it was the game or some other process on the PC. I've tried restarting the hub, resetting it, changing the channel, turning off IPv6, changing the DNS, and I still get these huge ping spikes of up to 600ms for a second or two before it returns to an acceptable ~30ms.


I completely refreshed the PC with a clean install, and ran the ping command to

Every 10 or so pings, the request would time out, and every 50 or so, the ping would shoot up momentarily.


I've tried on other devices and the same things persist. When I ping the IP of the PC itself, all the results are <1ms, which leads me to believe there is a problem with the hub.


Any ideas?



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