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Ping Spiking Issues

I suffer really bad spikes in ping but I only really notice it when im online gaming.

Ive had 2 Openreach engineers out to my property and they advise everthing is good.

BT also sent me out a replacement router but this has not helped. I have changed the microfilter also but still get the same issues.

I was advised by the game develpoers to use Ping Plotter and send them the results, and they have since advised that the issue is closer to my end and there is nothing they can do.

I have same issue whether I am connected via ethernet or wifi & whether or not there are other devices connected to the router.

I have attched the link to my ping plotter results, if anyone is able to explain a bit more as to what they mean as all I can see is that the ping spiked to 2000ms+ and there was a lot of packet loss.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Ping Spiking Issues

Just give up, have the same problem since beginning of jan. Had 8 engineers out, new hub, line resets, changes to line settings at exchange. Had a complaint open which has now been closed due to the fact they are giving up. Can change provider but whats the point as all suppliers where i live run through the same line and dont have virgin option. Posted in here a month ago and got no help either. Good luck is all i can offer

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