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Pointless 'diagnostic' services

I was trying to watch netflix sunday night from 10.30 to 11.30 and the connection kept dropping out about every 5 mins. the hub flashed red for a few mins then came back on, it kept doing this so after the 3rd time i tried to look online for help between the dropouts. the consumer fault status page showed no problems even thou the obviously was. so i went to the page that supposidly tests your line. while it was doing its build up to 100% check the connection dropped again, so I had to refresh the page when it came back up to run the test again, it dropped out again. finaly on 3rd try it got thru in time before the next drop out to happily tell me my connection was 'stable', yeah right!

So its pretty pointless, as it seems to have no idea that my line was dropping multiple times. no real answer I suppose, just wanted to point it out as I go looking for potencial new broadband providers.

PS. Love the way you log in to your BT account and have the option to ask the BT commuity after the pointless line check, and are then taken to a page to type a question. Lets you enter all your text, then when you click 'post' it THEN says you need to log in to post LOL and its not your bt account, so you have to set up a new log in to then retype. The designers of this site are just soooo coool!

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Re: Pointless 'diagnostic' services

If there were a common fault that was affecting a large number of customers, you may expect them to show this on a 'status' page, but not individual lines, so if your problem is individual to your line, then it would never show on there.
You need to do basic checks , have you checked for dialtone in the master socket test port ?,(  regardless of you using the line for telephony , it's a phone line that also delivers a broadband service) , if there is no dialtone, then obviously there is a fault , and this fault affects both services, if there is a dialtone , dial 17070 and take the quiet line test, any noise, report the line as noisy to your provider....if there is no noise , get onto your ISP...unfortunatley if you have an intermittent problem , these can be hard to diagnose.

Once you are a member of this community , you don't need to log in to your BT account, just this forum, I suspect many that do post here are not BT Consumer customers anyway.

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Re: Pointless 'diagnostic' services

@iniltous wrote:

 I suspect many that do post here are not BT Consumer customers anyway.

I'm not.Smiley LOL

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