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Poor customer service for BT infinity

This is what can happen once you're enticed by the adverts for BT Infinity


1. Arrange a visit from the engineer to install on the day you have moved into a new house at the end of November.

2. Engineer fails to turn up - but no message - you're left to determine that from some elongated phone calls with BT customer service in various countries. And note no apology.

3. Spend the weekend continuing with fruitless dealings with BT customer service trying to get it installed in the next few days but told that it would be over three weeks time. Evidently the engineers not turning up when arranged doesn't get you any priorityand it's back to the queue. Meanwhile no broadband which is needEd for work. Can't remember  seeing this in the adverts as it looked so easy.

4. Top BT Community Moderator Dave M now on the case as quite naturally have been pretty angry about the poor service and wanted to raise it with Warren Buckley the allegedly very caring Director of Customer Service. Dave tries  to get an earlier date for the engineer to install BT Infinity but pretty  doubtful. The engineer  evidently have been affected  by the very  very bad weather in London recently - you know the floods and snow storms we've had in Streatham.

5. So best  to go for the new date but  then have to taken a day off work so enquire with Dave what compensation could be offered as it's not exactly what it says on the adverts. Dave very nobly in pre Xmas mood offers £10 and oh a free month's rental as pretty good compensation for being without broad band for three weeks and taking a day off work to wait in again for an engineer to visit. (But hang on the new BT adverts are offering  six months free rental anyway and evidently when Virgin fail to turn up they offer three months free rental.) Warren may want to know that to improve customer service in 2013 and it may be good to build a relationship with customers - am sure he must have that as one his job objectives this year.

6. Finally a very nice engineer turns up to instal BT Infinity. He didn't know anything about the adverse weather  but evidently installations are estimated as taking two hours or so and  so if there is a more difficult one taking more time then other installations lose out. But he does say we should have been informed about an engineer not turning up.

7. Still want to communicate with Warren Buckley directly but Dave says that he doesn't have his phone number or email address (but very helpfully suggest I may care to google it!). But does officially admit in an official email on behalf of BT that I haven't had a good customer service experience. So next step is  to write to BT Board members as surely they need to know that there are some pretty appalling examples of customer service operated by BT and if it happened to one of them or their relatives then I can't believe that Dave M's kind offer would suffice, but am pretty confident that Warren would take notice.


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Re: Poor customer service for BT infinity

Once you've got it installed Tim you better hope nothing goes wrong, as their 'Customer Service' (and i use the term loosely) is appalling.  They don't seem to care about customer care or retention, as long as they're getting your ££££.

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Re: Poor customer service for BT infinity

I totally agree with CraigB. Outrages with the power they have, really...

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