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Poor installation advice


Last year we got fibre broadband installed with Halo 

it’s worked well but we’ve noticed an issue with the installation. I was shielding her when it was installed March 2020 and stayed away during the install. We are getting new windows and door fitted later this year and we noticed a wire going through the door frame on closer inspection this is the fibre broadband connection I’m surprised that it wasn’t put through the wall the same way sky installed our sky plus 

I rang BT last week and asked for help somebody was meant to call me back as they needed to speak to open reach - I didn’t hear back but today I chased it up I was told that I would need a ONT shift - this sounds like it involved moving the modem which is in the perfect location it is just the wiring outside hasn’t been done correctly 

anyway top and tail is nothing can be done at the moment  as open reach are not doing any shifts due to Covid so I need to wait to get this rectified 

surely as the fault is the wiring outside and it just needs putting through a wall instead of a door frame this wouldn’t involve moving the box? 

im a bit annoyed as I work from home and can’t risk not having broadband (nhs key worker) surely drilling through a door frame isn’t good practice? Can anybody advise ? 

thanks in advance 

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Re: Poor installation advice

They won't be moving the ONT (modem). Lift and shift is  just the term applied to the process.

Sounds like it was a contractor install as I'm sure Openreaach engineers wouldn't drill a door/window frame nowadays.

Perhaps @Starwire will be along to confirm.

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Re: Poor installation advice

Thanks for the reply the man on the phone told me it was the box that needed moving hence the query  

It was open reach that installed it last year as I remember seeing the van as I know that open reach do a lot of NHS work so it was familiar to me 

hopefully I can get it sorted before we get our door  replaced  I’m the only person in the street that has had it installed in this way 

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Re: Poor installation advice


 This is the outside of the door 

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Re: Poor installation advice

And this is the inside 


 this is the inside the wire is then tacked along the skirting board into the living room 

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Re: Poor installation advice

Standard install type for Kelly’s and most new Openreach Recruits.

They could put a complaint in, probably won’t get them anywhere though.

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Re: Poor installation advice

Thanks for replying so I am right in thinking that this isn’t an acceptable installation?
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Re: Poor installation advice

1 year ago I would say no(ish) that isn’t an acceptable install but today the Company probably wouldn’t see anything wrong it given the lack of training and low pay/salaries they now have in place. 

Yeah its great they are now installing a National FTTP Network but Openreach like the other 100+ FTTP Network Providers out there (yes there are literally over 100 now thanks to the new PIA Rules) are in such a rush to get it in fast and as cheap as possible they have accepted that quality will have to take a back seat.

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Re: Poor installation advice

Thanks for your help 

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