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Poor internet

Since Wednesday 28th multiple people in the road are experiencing extremely poor internet service. Slow webpage load times,  videos and webpages stopping, online gaming and streaming services have been poor.

Called BT but they are only dealing with the case as an individual and not the road as open reach have not reported to them that there is an issue.


speed tests are good

wifi coverage is good

issues happens over wifi and ethernet connection

Received new router but same issue

could this be a firmware update on the routers or open reach issue.


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Re: Poor internet

Is this FTTP ?, obviously BT are unlikely to supply every address affected,  so Sky , Talk Talk or whoever customers will need to report faults to their own ISP ,

If the problem is on a common part of the Openreach network , probably at the headend as everything else toward the customers is passive, then either ORs own monitoring systems will pick up errors/congestion or whatever , or failing that , Openreach field engineers would have to pass their fault reports back for further investigation, rather than closing the faults as ‘ right when tested ‘ ,  ( if the things the field engineers can check on the passive part of the FTTP network are OK ) , but this is just as likely to be done using a Sky fault report as a BT fault report, if OR get multiple reports on a single ‘PON’ from various ISP , then they are more likely to accept that there is an issue on a common part of the FTTP network and investigate it.

Obviously you can no more expect BT to take responsibility for Sky customer’s problems as Sky would do for BT customers , Openreach is no more accountable to BT than Sky , or any other ISP that uses OR products,  if the OR engineer that visits you  states they can find nothing wrong  , you could ask that they pass the fault for SFIO ( special fault investigation ) to look at , as you are experiencing poor performance even if it isn’t present when the engineer is present.

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Re: Poor internet

Thanks for the advice, a couple of people in the road are saying that it might be due to a firmware update on the routers, i wonder if sky and bt use the same routers and firmware? A couple of sky customers have had success by following the below steps. I might try this on my BT router


‘What I was advised this morning was..’

Access MySky app on a device
Choose Broadband at foot of app
Choose Product Settings
Choose Broadband Shield
Change setting to Custom
Then choose one option to block, eg Adult
Save settings at the foot of the page
On each device used to access Wi-Fi, tab off then back on and check results
You can always then go back and adjust the blocked options, it’s just the initial default setting that appears to be blocking some sites
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Re: Poor internet


the SKY and BT routers are not the same and use different firmware so that is not the problem

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Re: Poor internet

Just for information....the use of a VPN seems to get rid of the problem.  I'm in the same area as the OP.  The Openreach engineer did see that my laptop was not connecting properly and that some sites wouldn't load despite my 148 Mbs download speed.  Interesting that Sky and BT fibre customers are affected, but not Talk Talk.

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Re: Poor internet

@Frogmodem  I'm not sure if this is the same Nationally but where I live, Talk Talk run on the City Fibre network and not Openreach 

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