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Poor web experience from Fibre connection

Long Story short an engineer has come and go the wendesday just gone and he did some of his initial checks and test and its reporting to be all fine.  When trying to explain my issue he came down to the conclusion someone is 'watching' my IP address and that I've got spyware on my systems Smiley LOL even though im getting the same repeating issues on 1 desktop and 2 other laptops.  


So I work for a large organised firm in the IT sector so I have some experiance of fixing or trying to fix my own IT issues.  


I've tried and tested various things but BT are not really being helpful with my issue and I'm not getting anywhere.


In brief, my upload and download speeds are fine as advertised, no drop outs or anything.  Its when I'm playing online games the next match doesn't start or that when browsing websites it doesn't load correctly or just a loading circle on the top of the tap.  Also when doing online payments when it comes to the part of the bank authentication process it doesn't load at all.


So when I looked at my IP address I've got several temp IPv6 which I find very strange and when I've disabled IPv6 from my wired network adapter the web connection when browsing gets a bit more responsive but I'm still getting issues when gaming and browsing.  


Any suggestions or is there someone from BT customer service who can actually show they care and want to help my issue?  if i can cancel my contract I would do straight away but I have to really push hard for a case for them to allow me to get out of my contract.  

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