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Possibility of a cabinet upgrade

Hello, I've been living in the same house for about 3 years and it seems like I've reached the maximum broadband speed.
I've checked online and it seems like everyone from this cabinet has the same broadband speed regardless of distance.
My cousin lives on the other side of town and his broadband speed is more than double.
I want to know if I can get an upgrade, Wholesale checker says nothing about upgrade cycles but I want to know at least if there's a chance that I can request an upgrade or known if an upgrade is comming.
The reason I wanted a faster internet is because I live with 3 other people, internet stutters from time to time and the speed isn't enough for our needs.

Telephone Number 0XXXXXXXXXX on Exchange DAVENTRY is served by Cabinet 18

VDSL Range A (Clean)34.823.56.74.320Available---- 
VDSL Range B (Impacted)26.414.76.42.311.4Available---- 
FTTP on Demand33030--Available---- 
WBC ADSL 2+Up to 9.5--7.5 to 11.5Available---- 
WBC ADSL 2+ Annex MUp to 9.5Up to 17.5 to 11.5Available---- 
ADSL MaxUp to 8--7 to 8Available---- 
WBC Fixed Rate2----Available---- 
Fixed Rate2----Available---- 
VDSL Multicast------Available---- 
ADSL Multicast------Available---- 
Bridge TapN      
Last Test Date12-05-2018     
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