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Problem with Fibre activiation

Good afternoon,


I know that this forum does not generally deal with FTTP queries however im going to ask anyway and see if anyone can help.


I signed up for BT infinity option 4 to receive up to 300mb via FTTP, my inital activation date was 23.04.2018 however that date came and went with no activation and upon calling BT i was told the line failed activation.

I was then told they would request a next working day activiation so 24.04.2018 and this should work, however again nothing other than a steady orange light on my smart hub.

I then contacted again and was told an engineer would be required to come out and activiate the telephone line before the fibre service could then be re-ordered on a next working day activiation. This appointment is booked for Tuesday 01.05.2018 however I did have engineers out on 24.04.2018 to fit Eithernet extnesion sockets as part of the infinity 4 service and they advised that they arent sure why an engineer has been booked for 01.05.2018 as if theres a steady orange light on the smart hub this means that there is simply no PPPoE being received (whatever that means!).

All the lights on my ONT are steady green as they should be so im confused why my line hasnt activated.

calling 0800 587 4787 doesnt seem to help as they just tell me the engineer will fix it on 01.05.2018 but im worried this wont happen.


thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Problem with Fibre activiation

You are correct in your first sentence. There is nothing that anybody on this forum, including the moderators, can do to assist you. You will have to persevere with the FTTP team and hopefully the engineer will fix your problem.

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