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Question about FCCT wiring from master socket and compatibility with current setup

Hi, hope you all can help.  I've got an Openreach fibre appointment booked but I'm concerned about the wiring setup.  I currently have a master socket which is badly placed in so much as there is no reasonably place to put the modem and I want to have the modem placed on one of my 2 extensions (the master socket does not have a phone connected directly to it, it's just used to feed the 2 extensions).  The current master outputs into the home via 1 cable which goes into a junction box, the junction box outputs to 2 cables which go into the wall, splitting off to the 2 extensions that I have in different directions fed through the walls.  Both extensions are terminated by sockets which have a phone and a Ethernet (RJ45) port.  The RJ45s are a direct connection from 1 extension port, in the office, to the other, in the lounge, so that the current ADSL router (off 1 phone extension) can feed the computer and through the RJ45 connection feed the network equipped gadgets in the lounge.  I'm concerned, with the filters now built into the master socket and the cable(s) coming out being for both phone and data, that I'm not going to be able to use the current wiring set up and will have to have cables run outside the walls again and render these obsolete.  Does anyone know what the best solution would be here, ie can the current wires, effectively split to go in 2 different direction still be used or is a better solution to have a new master socket added beside the extension and this socket feed into the back of the extension to allow the second extension to be used?  If a diagram would help then I'll put 1 up.

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Re: Question about FCCT wiring from master socket and compatibility with current setup

The master socket can be place where ever as long as it's not beyond 20meters i think, will stand corrected on the distance, but beaware what you are doing is extending the VDSL signal cable the length will can knock your download/upload speed. The best place to have the master socket is about 2/3meters from where it comes in the house or where evers the closest point for power for the modem. I moved mine and i gained 2mb in upload speed, i ran CAT6a upstairs to the routers as ethernet cable can support up100m with out downgrading speed
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