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Questions regarding the 25mbit VDSL available speeds shown on DSL Checker

Hi, we moved to BT this time last year from EE due to issues we had with them, which sadly meant we have had to be stuck on copper instead of fiber due to it being at full capacity.

The copper speeds we get (ADSL 2+) is 3-4mbit, which obviously is a huge step down from using 65mbit fiber speeds for 2 years previous.

For the past year I've been keeping my eye on BT's DSL checker checking to see if VDSL ever shows as available.

In Dec I first noticed it changed to available, but the speeds changed down to 25mbit download instead of 75-80mbit, and 1.9mbit upload instead of 20mbit.

I called BT to ask them about this, which they just were completely oblivious about even when showing exactly what it says on their DSL checker. They just kept saying that it's not available at all, that the cabinet is at full capacity despite it showing that as available, and that the DSL checker saying "available", doesn't account for it being at full capacity, just actually physically available in the area, when it's shown for the past year as unavailable due to it being at full capacity even though it is in the area.

My cabinet is Cabinet 5 on the Spencers Wood exchange.

It is ridiculous being told something is unavailable that is being advertised as such on BT's DSL Checker. All I can get my head around is the idea that it's supposed to be for anyone on copper, just switch it to VDSL, with all the talk going around about the universal broadband making 10mbit the minimum. But that isn't the case I see.
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Re: Questions regarding the 25mbit VDSL available speeds shown on DSL Checker

the dslchecker speed is an good estimate of the likely speed you will get and what your line can handle  did checket show 80mb estimated speed for your phone line before?


if the checker is showing as available then try options team and see if they can help they are uk based 0800800030

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