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Random Disconnects and my speed has dropped - Infinity 2


I was consistently getting 51 Mbps for about 2 years after I upgraded to Infinity 2, but now it’s it tops out at 37 Mbps. On top of that I’m getting random disconnects.

I’ve done a quite line 17070 option 2 test and I’ve checked my line rate on the adsl wholesale checker & I should be and be getting better speed. 

I’ve tested my speeds with a BT router, an Asus router and some brand new out of the boxes modem & Netgear router and tested straight from the socket and the speed is still lower and the connection drops still happens. I’m 100% sure it’s not my router set up.

Is there a way to speak to the mods to get this issue looked at?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. 

Many thanks in advance 

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Re: Random Disconnects and my speed has dropped - Infinity 2

Unless upload is important, why pay for Infinity 2 when you were not even reaching the Infinity 1 max of 55Mb ?
Are you connected in the master socket test port ?
Perhaps you can post your router stats and the predicted speeds for your line ( using your phone number ) here
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Re: Random Disconnects and my speed has dropped - Infinity 2

Give 0800 800 150 a call [IVR will ask you to speak - just say 'Help' and it'll take you through to the right team to deal.

A drop in speeds could be a number of things, such as more people in the area switching to Fibre which increases the amount of people connected to the local Cab - which lowers the speeds for everyone in general. There could be a fault in the area causing the speed to drop - you generally might not know this until calling in for diagnostics to be run.

Dropping out on the CPE [Home Hub] will happen if the CPE is overloaded with devices connected. Failing that, it could be a CPE fault or any other number of issues. Best bet is to give the above number a call and let BT go through the motions. I would not mention using any other CPE than the one provided as any other device will not be supported and will likely then be blamed for the issues you're experiencing.

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Re: Random Disconnects and my speed has dropped - Infinity 2

Hi @Zippee,

We'll do our best to help you. I've sent you a private message.



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