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Re: BT customer service a disgrace

Totally agree!


Come on BT, it's time you sorted out our internet problem properly. We've not been seeing speeds anywhere close to the 79MBPS that we are paying for, it took two minutes just to load facebook!

You have sent out engineers on three occasions since the beginning of September and this has not made any difference whatsoever.

I expect to see this fixed without me spending three hours chatting to someone each time I report the problem and I shouldn't be charged for a service I am not receiving so isn't it about time I got some money back?


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT customer service a disgrace

This is a BT residential customer to customer forum. Your post does not go to BT. The only BT staff are the forum moderators who do not necessarily read all the posts.


If you would like forum members to try and assist you can you run this checker and post back a screen shot of the results. Make sure you delete your phone number before posting.

and use this speed tester then carry out the further diagnostics and post back a screen shot of all the results including your IP profile for up and down. This test must be done with a wired connection.

If you have a Homehub 5 can you also post the stats from 1-12 by logging onto the Homehub management pages then troubleshooting > helpdesk. http://bthomehub.home/

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