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Re: BT's chairman is publicly backing CEO Gavin Patterson. That might not last

Problems experienced with BT since joining in October 2017

Initial service order corrupted.
Account details duplicated.
Account debits not allocated to correct account.
Faulty router supplied.
Wrong BT TV package order processed.
Wrong BT TV box supplied.
Engineer failed to turn up twice.
Cancelled engineer appointments but no notification.
4 weeks to resolve slow broadband service despite BT being told
what the problem was.
10 day response time by complaints team.Then ignored **Edited by Mod** I mean you !
Recharged for items and services previously already paid for.
BT Promo Debit Card delayed issue.
Marks and Spencer promotion vouchers chased 4 times no response from BT.
MY BT not functioning correctly missing account details.
Customer service department ignoring requests.
Email to Customer Service dept requesting account closure ignored.
Broadband service unreliable .Regular disconnect with Telephone exchange.

Singularly the worst company for customer service I have ever experienced. Nothing functions correctly . Arrogant,diffident and belligerent thieves . Product expensive and not value for money.BT Sports 4k service average 5 games a week but called a TV channel ?


Would like to have posted this this earlier but guess what Broadband was down 

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Re: BT's chairman is publicly backing CEO Gavin Patterson. That might not last

Hi @Goodbye I'm sorry that you have encountered so many issues with your services since you joined us. 


I've moved your post to the Infinity board as you have mentioned that your broadband connection was down earlier and this is the best board to get help with this issue. I appreciate that you have highlighted other issues and if these remain unresolved we will be happy to assist with these also if you would like to take up our offer of help by sending us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods


Community ModeratorJohnC
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