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Re: FTTP not available to order in my street

@tiswas100 wrote:

It is showing the same info as highlighted in post 7 on this thread with the exception of now showing "waiting list" in the top 2 lines. (Incidentally, how do you insert that image, I am struggling?)

That confirms waht you have been told, the cabinet is full.

Why is FTTP on demand showing as "available" in the columns under "Availability date" but further down states "FTTP is not available"??

FTTP on demand is a different product to WBC FTTP, it is primarily for business users and costs are very high (£thousands not £hundreds)

How can I find out what Openreach plans are for the area in terms of improvement/expansion?

I know I sound a bit paranoid but it is so important that I get a decent internet connection to work from home. So much so that I am considering getting a new iPad with cellular to use as a wi-fi hub (I still do most work on a desktop) or a 4G hub from 3 to use in the interim while I am waiting for BT.

Finally, do other providers get reserved slots in the cabinet, is it possible that they may have availability or does the waiting list on the report cover everyone?

See message 16, the 'waiting list' is a myth, it is first come first served.



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