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Re: High electric consumption since fibre upgrade

I've recently had FTTP installed and noticed that my electricity consumption has gone up coinciding with the installation date.

I've a SmartHub2 replacing my old SmartHub and a new ONT.   The only difference since the install date therefore is the ONT.

Did some calculations last night, which may be wrong, however,  the Huawei ONT is 240V, 0.5A.  Which equates to 2.88kWh per day which is about the same as the increase in electricity consumption.

If that is correct than the  ONT for my supplier is increasing my electric bill by almost £140 / year.




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Re: High electric consumption since fibre upgrade

I assume you are looking at the markings on a power supply? and if so then they will relate to the maximum current draw when the power supply is actually delivering its full rated load current. That is something that will never happen when powering the ONT. 

Those figures do not mean the equipment it supplies will consume anything like that power. If it were drawing 0.5 A @ 240V then that would be 120 watts which is a lot of heat, certainly way more than the plastic enclosure of the ONT could handle plus it would all be to hot to touch.

I would guess a realistic power consumption figure might be 10 to 15 watts for the ONT. 










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