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Re: Moving house and Fibre Broadband - slot coming available



Thanks in advance for your help. Having a similar experience, I had a phone line and copper broadband installed today through BT.


I then contacted them and asked them to place an upgrade order for me in the way you have described. They have suggested that you are wrong and that there is nothing that BT can do to assist me.


indeed, they have said that I need to contact Openreach in the hope they will increase capacity, or wait until such time as someone cancels their superfast fibre broadband for whatever reason (which could take a long time).


Obviously, someone is misinformed somewhere along the line. Can you advise exactly whom?


As you can imagine, this is extremely frustrating as we all rely on broadband so heavily these days. That there is so much confusion amongst those advising us compounds that frustration.


Again, thanks for any help.

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Re: Moving house and Fibre Broadband - slot coming available

I moved you post to start your own thread so replies are for your problem - and the previous thread was almost 18 month old

enter your phone number and post results  remember delete number

post hub stats in hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information   if hh5 then troubleshooting then helpdesk

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