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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled!

My apolgoes if this is not the correct procedure.

I have recenltly placed two orders with BT for BT Infinity - the first by telephone, the second on-line.

Both have been cancelled unilaterally by BT after both orders were confirmed by email and having taken, in both cases, 12 months line rental in advance.

I have had innumerable phone conversations with BT Customer Services without any satisfactory explanation, always offering to take yet another order.  Explanations include " a hitch with our system", it's "Openreach who are at fault", your existing provider has refused to release the line and so on.  The fact is I don't think they know.  There is little point in placing a futher order until someone does know or cares enough to find out definitively.

I am out of contract with my existing supplier and they deny absolutely that they have blocked any such transfer request and say they are not allowed to do so.

The last suggestion from BT Customer Services was that I request a NEW line and phone socket rather than transfer an existing number and line.  I am not very happy with that - I have two lines already.

Can anyone elighten me as to why BT appears not to want to do business with me?  My credit score is good, I keep lending them money in the form of advance rental - what more do they want?

Hopefully someone can help!

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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled!

Hi drrbr1,


Welcome and thanks for posting. I've moved your post to start your own thread as you posted on an old and resolved thread. I'm sorry you're having problem with the order. I can help with this. Can you please drop me an email with your details, including any order reference numbers you have. You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.






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