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Re: Slow upload speed, (900mbs FTTP package)

Hi @NeilO

I've just come across this forum post from a few months back, but feel I possibly experiencing the same thing, or at least something very similar.

I have on the BT 100 FTTP package (150d/30u), using the BT Smart Hub 2.

My upload speed seems to be around the 5mbps mark, sometimes less, very seldomly higher, and definitely not reached 30. This is all on a wired Ethernet connection, with a Cat6 cable.

I have tried:
- Long power down (leaving unplugged for +30 mins)
- Factory Reset
- Multiple Devices (Hard wired & Wireless)
- Multiple Routers (Plusnet Hub 2 and another BT Smart Up 2)
- Only single device connected
- Restarted ONT
- Long Power down on ONT (leaving unplugged for +30mins).

I am on firmware version v0.40.00.04147-BT on the Smart Hub 2.

As I am writing this, I have run a speed test on Ookla: 149.1/2.24, and of 159.96/1.46 on my Hard Wired desktop PC.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Slow upload speed, (900mbs FTTP package)

Most slow upload reports on higher speeds download profiles can be affected by the way some SH2 are ‘shipped’ , they have ‘soft’ 50Mb upload limit , that is removed automatically by an  online update delivered by BT , hence in the majority of cases the ‘fix’ is to simply leave the SH2 connected, occasionally if this doesn’t happen automatically a forced update can be arranged, as your profile has a 30Mb upload it’s not going to affected by this potential limitation on your router ( chances are it’s updated anyway) 

What is reported if using the official speed test after logging in from the BT site or by using the BT speed tester app , third party testers are OK , but not what’s used to determine ‘faults’ , also your post states 5mbps , is that a typo and you are aware of the difference between 5Mb , 5MB , 5mb and 5mB , a speed tester giving a result as 5MB is the equivalent of around 40Mb ( 8 bits in a byte ) ,  *Mb is the most common used unit.

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Re: Slow upload speed, (900mbs FTTP package)

Do you know if the forced update is evident under a firmware version? I see my router was updated on 30th August (I'm assuming that was when the aforementioned firmware version was applied).
My FTTP service was not activated until some time in September (I had FTTC previously), but I have been a bit round the houses with BT - as they somewhat messed up my order.

What you say makes sense in terms of the soft limit, and it shouldn't affect me as my upload limit is below the soft cap.
However using I have just gotten 146.78/6.68Mbps
The 5 is not a typo unfortunately, but the m in mbps is - and should have been Mbps.

I was thinking it was the Smart Hub perhaps on the blink, but having tried other routers and achieving the same result, suggests it isn't.
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Re: Slow upload speed, (900mbs FTTP package)

To eliminate the router as a potential issue , you could connect a PC/laptop directly ( wired )  to the ONT , set up a PPPoE session and test directly from the device, if the same result, then presumably there is some sort of corruption in your configuration as your upload speed isn’t from any available profile , plus your download is in line with what’s expected.

If there was a  common issue on the upload ‘channel’ it would almost certainly affect all users on the same splitter as you, hence more likely to be investigated.
A problem you may find is because the upload speed  isn’t ‘guaranteed’ then a fault  may be difficult to raise , but you presumably haven’t yet used the speed checker from within your BT account , but  from what you state the  BTw checker result , it does indicate an issue , but again these  tests  need to be logged on the ‘official’ tester.

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Re: Slow upload speed, (900mbs FTTP package)

Thanks for the suggestion of connecting a Laptop/PC to the ONT. I had not thought of this.
I have now done it, and I am still getting 150/6.32 from Ookla and 160/3 from Speed of me.

I have gone through my account to check the line. I have also had a call back from BT who have arranged an engineer visit.
I hope it's resolved by the Engineer's visit, as I was getting a faster upload speed on my previous FTTC connection, so I'm hoping that whilst the upload speed is not guaranteed, they still investigate it further if necessary!
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