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Re: Throttling my "BT Infinity Unlimited" broadband

I am 100% sure BT are throttling / shaping my bt infinity broadband.

I have had small issues with speed in the past which bt fixed with new line to house and new box.

In the past I was an average user : 20-30gb a month. 2 months ago I joined amazon prime and started using sky on demand and on top playing on the PS3 a bit more.

Last month I had some pc's from work which needed to be worked on plus all the above made my usage 400+gb.

Of course I had a limited 40gb and bt were going to charge me for the extra usage. Customer care suggested I upgrade to the infinity unlimited package for £5 extra. Which I of course did.

Now to the problem
For the last 48 hours I have had problems downloading files and watching any videos on YouTube or sky news etc.
I can browse pages with some easy and I have done speed tests and my down and up speeds are fine 14-28mb down and 5-6mb upload.

If I try to download a file even less than 1mb and it starts ok and them just freezes. I can't even download the chrome browser which is a small download.

I can see that bt are throttling/shaping my connection. It has to be this. BT CustServ tried to tell me it was on my end but I don't see how they can say that. I have a laptop which I have formatted and reinstalled windows7 so nothing is on there hard wired direct to hub and same problem.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I have test and worked on this since Friday night with no change.
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Re: Throttling my "BT Infinity Unlimited" broadband

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