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Really slow speeds



Recently, my roommates got the internet sorted.  However, my speeds are really slow. We went for the 55 download speed and 10 upload speed packadge split between 4 people. I realised the internet speeds were really slow once I connected my pc via the ethernet cable. I am getting around 3 Mbps, on internet speed tests however this seems inconsistent. Also my ping when playing games sometimes goes to 800 whereas on the tests it displays it as around 15. Further, I tested the internet speed before anyone was up and using the internet from other devices and the speeds seemed fine, but once someone starts using the internet on other devices I start having these issues. Another thing to note is that, one of my roommates stated her internet speed being really slow, whils another said it was ok.


So, I just wanted to ask for help in fixing this.


Thank you.

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Re: Really slow speeds

the hub does not share out bandwidth equally so you are obviously suffering with 4 people using the fixed amount of bandwidth  your only real solution is to buy a 3rd party router like tplink 9970 for about £30/35 which enable the bandwidth to be allocated to specific devices that way everyone can get an alloted share

there is nothing BT can help you with that

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