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Reduced Wireless Speeds

BT Fibre 900 went live two days ago - fantastic! But I have a question...

Connected to Ethernet, speeds exceed 910MB down and 110MB up - perfectly matching what the package I am on.

Wireless speeds average 400MB down and 110MB up - this is where I am confused! Firstly, I fully appreciate that wireless download speeds won't match those when I am connected to Ethernet. However, please can someone explain how my wireless speeds are slower compared to Virgin Media (who I have just left)?

1. I had 500MB down speeds with VM. Speeds connected to Ethernet OR wireless always exceeded 520MB without fail.

2. How can a slower fibre package with Virgin produce better wireless speeds than BT, when my BT package exceeds Virgin's by 400MB?

3. I am using items such as a MacBook Pro 2019 and iPad Pro 2019 so should, in theory, be reaching wireless speeds of around 600MB on these devices.

Apart from the fact I have moved to BT, my setup hasn't changed - same devices, same location of hub/devices etc.

As the Ethernet speeds clearly show me I am reaching the best speeds available, why is wireless so different based on the above? Could it be SH2 itself?

I'd really appreciate any feedback.


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Re: Reduced Wireless Speeds

Also, am I on the right firmware? The Hub is not showing if it’s updated since it’s been plugged in. 


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