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Regrade from 500 to 900 Halo 3 but speed stuck


I ordered an upgrade from Full fibre 500 to 900mb that was due to go live today.  The order from my account looks like it has gone through and the My BT speed test shows over 900mb download and 110 upload but the maximum I am actually getting using Ookla, and other speed test sites is 350 over both WiFi and wired (which is actually worse than I had with 500mb).  

I tried power cycling both the router and the ONT as well as factory resetting the router.  I have also tried a number of systems all of which have gigabit capabilities.  As a final test I hooked up a laptop directly to the ONT with the same speed results.  Calling support I was asked to wait until tomorrow as the upgrade can take a while but I know FTTP doesn't have a settling in period as such.  Is this likely an issue with incorrect provisioning?

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