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Regular Downtime every hour - at times 1-2 disconnects in a row

I know there are numerous connection issue posts but i cant seem to find one similar to the experiences ive had.


I moved in with my flatmate and he had BT infinity installed.

At first i didnt really realise what was happening, i use facetime regularly and every so often, at times it was exactly 14 minutes, my connection would drop for 3 minutes.


Then i began realising that when the phone rang, my connection would drop for again 3 minutes but when the phone rings and i lose connection - i can often eventually log back into the internet after 3minutes but within 1 minute, i am kicked back off for 3 minutes again.


I, having experienced several different ISPs in the years, went round and put filters on the lines, there are only 2 in this small appartment, i then also went into the hub and changed the port number to 11 as - being an PC gamer, was used to this at times but the issues still continue.


My flatmate is not very technical minded nor from this country so he believed this was how the internet was ment to be.  sadly i had to advise him.  He was apparently contacted by BT regarding his internet connection - a sort of courtesy call as it were and informed them that it does cut out when calls come through but apparently the call centre operative said this happens 😕


i found a thread which requested questions to be answers so below are the answers for this issue.


- you're connecting wirelessly or via ethernet

My PC and PS3 are connected via wireless - i know these wireless adaptors are working as i have several and these worked with my last suppliers sky and o2, i did however purchase a new wireless adaptor just to check.

Just been advised my flatmates PS3 is connected via ethernet but complains he keeps getting kicked out of online battles.


- you notice any of the lights changing on your Homehub or Openreach modem when the connection drops

The middle icon glows a differnet colour which i have seen in the past, sadly by the time i leave my computer and get to the hub in the other room the connection has been established. 


- what messages/icons you see on your screen when the connection drops

I do receive the BT generic "can not connect to broadband" with the icon in the middle flashing orange and purple and asking to connect to hub.



- what steps you have already tried to fix this

Again, i have logged in, i have changed my wireless dongles, i switch it on and off, i reset it, i look up answers on google (with no help so far) - i did disable my DNZ as i found that when i was playing an online game, at times it wouldnt let me log in - it would often crash my game when loading up and then would reset my internet - totally unsure why it would affect my internet because of a game but it did.  once i disabled this, it worked letting me back into the game without hassle.

I have also confided with a friend whom works for o2 broadband who has given me advice on how to check for things and hopefully improve the connection but sadly none of these work - he did say pull a crash report of the last drop in my connection but i have checked the hub and can not seem to find one.


- anything else which you have noticed which may be of use in diagnosing this problem

As i said, the drops are random, i could be online for an hour and it drops or i could be on for 15 mins and it can drop


2 days ago from 7pm - 10pm, i noticed that the drops were every 13.5 and 14 minutes until i gave up and went to watch tv - sadly i had work to do online so i had to persist.

Today, the drops are every 30-45 minutes since around 7pm but this morning and afternoon they were occasionally every couple of hours but impossible to watch online shows as they would constantly be buffering or catching up every 5minutes so unsure if its got a lot of activity.


EVERY-SINGLE-PHONECALL my connection dies, it will die for 3 minutes - come back on and the drop again a minute later for 3 minutes.  Sadly for me my flatmate is a very popular man!


This is driving me insane that i have had to resort to my o2 pay as you go dongle to do my work as i lost a very vital and lengthy piece of work online i was trying to do when it dropped (which made me cry a little) but these connection issues are getting to me now.


As i have said, i have had many ISPs in the past, bulldog, o2, talk talk, sky etc etc etc and i have never came across issues like this that i cant fix with what i know.


any advice or techniques to maybe improve this - other than the above, i have touched nothing.  i can probebly connect my desktop by ethernet to try any settings but sadly where our hub is and my computer it would be dangerous to have a cable running across the flat.


please help a girl going insane!

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Re: Regular Downtime every hour - at times 1-2 disconnects in a row

@Yolkoono wrote:


please help a girl going insane!

I'll help you go insane, but your problem should be emailed to the moderators:


Need to contact the Mods? Use the Mod contact form.

What's slow about FTTC........DLM 😞
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Re: Regular Downtime every hour - at times 1-2 disconnects in a row

it sounds like you have a high resistance joint between your home and the street cabinet it needs reporting as a fault for Openreach to resolve call the help line on 08001114567
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